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The Wind!

It was 29F with 50mph wind gusts today and the van kept getting shoved out of the lane! I didn't see any big branches down while I was out, but DC apparently has a lot of big trees down with power out in some places and a little boy who had massive head injuries from a falling big branch.

Last night I was online until 3am and then cleaned out and washed the litterbox and filled it back up. Then I moved the chair I used for that out to the kitchen so I could put the stuff under the sink back in the right places. I gathered trash and recycling. I briefly thought I should just stay in today and do errands tomorrow, but then the news I'd recorded while I napped reminded me that tomorrow is New Year's and I figured a lot of places would be closed. So I sat in the recliner long enough to take my BP and went to bed.

Today I took the trash and recycling out and both our recycling bins and the bins at the transfer station were really full. Fortunately, my newspapers fit here and the mixed paper slid in at the transfer station. I got new snackies for the kitties and ate at Red Robin. When I got the mail, some new toys from Mouse Factory Toys were here. They have amazingly good catnip and Shiva has been tossing his mini-mouse around and Spirit keeps getting her glitter pom ball under things. The company doesn't have alligators online, but they're still on the paper catalog, so maybe they'll make us another Mr. Gator because Spirit is almost through the stomach of our current one. She's a good disemboweller.

So now to catch up on LJ and ML from yesterday and today!
Tags: cats, errands, household, weather
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