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A New Garbage Disposal

And a bill that will make this week, between the van and the disposal, cost more than $1K for repairs. Hmph.

Yes, I was so sleepy at 8pm that I took a nap until Shiva woke me up at 1am. I stayed up an extra hour last night just to stay only 10 weeks behind on the WashPost and then read long enough to finish The Merchants' War. I'd hoped to get a short nap this after noon before the plumber came (2-10pm) but the dispatcher called at 1:55 and said he was on his way. He didn't get there for an hour and didn't have the new disposal so had to call someone to bring it, but it still didn't take that long. This one is amazingly quiet and apparently much stronger than the old one, not that I plan to put bones down it.

I only got halfway through the blogs before I had to sleep and I have things I need to do in the house, so I'm going to review the book and catch up on LJ and ML tomorrow.
Tags: household, money, repairs

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