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Black Friday and Dream

Not for me, since I don't participate in the Winter Shopping Holiday, but when I went out to run errands today, I saw full parking lots at places I'd never seen full before. The VRE parking lot was empty so most people must have today off work.

I noticed that now that those giant chairs are out of my tiny foyer, the entire condo looks more orderly and I haven't moved anything.

Shiva was more normal this morning than he's been before. He dashed back and forth down the hall, rolled over on the floor, and jumped up to an empty linen shelf. Maybe he's going to stop having so much PTSD.

The birdfeeder has been empty for three days and that's because I really need to clean it before I put more seed in. I'd planned to bring it in yesterday or today and have just not been up to it. Maybe I should go ahead and bring it in tomorrow, even if I can't clean it tomorrow.

Last night I dreamed that I was disabled (I'm almost always able-bodied in my dreams) and Bill Shatner (who I've only seen on commercials for years) hired me to run his office and made me an apartment in the office so I could do it. He hired me a helper for the apartment. As his company grew bigger, he wanted me to start a new office in Indonesia, but the doctors told him I wasn't well enough to live there, even with an apartment in the office.
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