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This was a very funny romantic movie. I think Will Smith does better in these than the thrillers. He plays Hitch, a dating coach for men, and we see him offering advice to a number of men as well as turning down a man who just wants sex. In the process of training one particular guy, he meets a girl he really likes who is a gossip columnist and they start dating. Things are a little rough, but they become even more rough when the man he turned down picked up the best friend of the girl he likes and had sex and dropped her.

You can see what's coming -- the gossip columnist goes after the Date Doctor and is shocked to find out it's Hitch and exposes him in the tabloid for which she works. The particular guy he was helping was also exposed and in the process of helping him get back with the girl he'd been dating, Hitch realizes that he can't let it go, he has to talk to his girl again.

This was really good -- I was laughing all the way through -- and I highly recommend it.
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