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The Van is Back

and very expensive. It turns out it doesn't have a carburetor, but it needed new air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, and wires. So much for being able to use the Social Security COLA to buy some things first. I took the trash and recycling out, got next week's money, and tried a new gas station. The one I've been using actually makes more money from cigarettes than gas and they've started neglecting the pumps. So I tried a Sheetz which is closer and a bit cheaper, but I couldn't get the hose handle lock to stay locked and had to hold it, trading hands frequently. I'll try another pump, but then I'm looking for another gas station. I went on to drop a DVD in the post office drive-by box and then had quacamole and a baked potato at Ruby Tuesday's.

I worked on the doll sweater during Love, Actually yesterday afternoon and Beyond the Sea last night and got to the vest stage -- just sleeves and edgings and I'm done. I hope to finish tonight, but as soon as I review the second DVD, I'm going to take a nap.
Tags: crochet, errands, sleep

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