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Blue Sky Christmas

I like this kind of nice clear day, but I know some folks prefer snow. lizzibabe will be here at some point, bringing most of dinner, and will incidentally bring in two days of my mail since the van is at the shop. I anticipate that LJ and ML will be short today and I will have plenty of time to watch DVDs and work on the doll sweater.

I hope you guys have as nice a day as I am!

ETA: We had meatloaf, acorn squash, couscous, and cookies and lizzibabe brought DVDs so I could choose one to watch. I picked Love, Actually which was really good! And afterwards, I made her stay to listen to Eva Cassidy's Songbird CD because one of her songs is on the movie. Besides, everybody should hear Eva Cassidy.
Tags: eva cassidy, household

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