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Slept Through The Day Again

but that was because I napped too late last night. I hurt a lot and was tired when I got home and I thought I'd just get through email, other blogs, and my LJ post and take a nap. But I decided I could make it to bedtime and kept going. I finished online at 10:30pm and I kept having to pull my head back up, so I napped in the recliner. Shiva woke me up at 4:30am, I don't know why, and he kept talking to me so I couldn't just sleep two more hours and count it as night.

I finished the newspaper I'd partially read during the day, boiled some dumplings, filled and ran the dishwasher, restacked the old newspapers (I'll have to ask Lucila not to touch them -- not only were they so haphazardly stacked they might fall, but she had them out of order again), and then was starting to get sleepy, so I read another newspaper instead of starting the doll sweater. I felt really guilty last night, but today it was clearly the right thing to do. I went to bed at 7:30am, turned the light out at 9am, and slept until 5:30pm.

The car shop called while I was asleep -- I need new air and fuel filters and new spark plugs -- and they'll fix those on Friday. I decided to let them keep the van and I may try getting down to the clusterboxes with the quad-cane tomorrow, since I have two days of mail there, and my check might be there.

All I've done so far today other than normal getting-up things is to unload the dishwasher, start online, make much too big a batch of soba noodles and put half in the fridge, and then as I was just starting to eat, an old friend called and we talked for almost an hour.

Oh, and I set up an appointment with MyPlumber for Tuesday because I killed a spoon in the garbage disposal last night. First time in my life and I couldn't believe I did it. I pulled the spoon out, decided it had to be thrown away, and started the disposal again and still had the metal grinding noise, so after it stopped again, I pulled out a loose piece of metal that is clearly part of the disposal, although I couldn't see where it went. I rarely need to use the disposal, so I went for next week when I'd be home anyway because Lucila will be here in the morning.
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