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The Road With the Right Name

This morning, in Bethesda MD, a 61" water main broke and sent a wall of water down River Road. The cars were flooded with ice-cold water and nine people were rescued by helicopter and boat. Everybody is fine, although the cars probably won't be. The road will be closed until they replace/fix the water main.

The bookgroup meeting before this last, a new member gave me a batch of beads she'd found when settling a relative's estate. They were tied up in a flag bandanna and she said she didn't care about the beads, but she wanted the bandanna back. I looked at them soon after that meeting and took a few small wooden beads, but most of the rest are plastic and I'll send the better ones to a friend who runs a home schooling conference once a year and does beading with the kids. I meant to wash the bandanna so I could take it clean on Saturday, but forgot and just put it in my bag. She wasn't there Saturday, so when I did laundry last night, I pulled the bandanna out of the bag to put in the washer. And I also found the book for January, Red Dwarf, that I had forgotten to check out. Oops.

So my day started by going to the library, explaining, and checking it out. Then to the DMV because my handicapped parking tag has delaminated enough that it won't hang on the mirror. The replacement form had no boxes for self-destructed, so I made my own and marked it. I think the clerk actually put in "mutilated." I got a very temporary tag and they'll mail me the new laminated hangtag. It didn't take as long as I expected, but I'd brought an old WashPost with me and headed on to PT in Woodbridge.

When I got there, it turned out they'd called while I was in the DMV (very noisy -- not just lots of people, but two toddlers vying for the loud crying award) to tell me the two appointments before mine were canceled. So I got to go right in. I'm a little weaker on the left today than usual and I wasn't able to do one of the new exercises on the left at all. When I was on the recumbent exercise bike, I joked that I was glad it wasn't showing anything on the heart monitor because I didn't have anything attached to me. She said to put my hands up on the metal part of the forward handles, but nothing resulted. I was halfway home before I realized that it required a minor electrical connection and my hands are too dry for that. I stopped at Olive Garden and had calimari and a bowl of chicken and gnocchi soup.

Just before home, I stopped at the car shop because the van had been showing signs of carburetor problems since Saturday. It would "cough" while accelerating, it would shudder and turn off when I was stopped at lights, and the Service Engine Light had been coming on. They're not sure they can fix it tomorrow, but they can diagnose it. If they can't fix it, they'll give it back to me tomorrow and I can bring it back on Friday. I'm not planning on going anywhere, but I'm more comfortable with the car, even if I have to drive carefully.
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