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Even More Darkness

I got up on time, but the power went out after dark.

I put the birdfeeder out and filled it and then bundled up exceedingly and was still cold the whole time I was out doing errands. The wind chill was 15F and the wind was down from the 40mph gales, but it was still pretty windy. I took two packages to the post office and walked right by the 30 or so folks in the counter line to get the second place in the machine line. I think it took as long to get out of the handicapped parking spot as it did to mail the packages. The handicapped spots are at the entrance to the parking lot and incoming people will not make room for you to back out of them unless they want one.

Then to the grocery where I bought a lot of OTC medical stuff. They had a lot on sale and it's better to buy it then. Home to pick up the mail with everything going in the mixed-paper recycling but a med refill.

I was starting online when the power went out and I got my flashlight out of the desk and went to look at the Public Works number on the fridge and called them. It sounded like I was the first to call, and they called back after the power was back on to make sure everything's okay. Then I called Luke's daughter, but only her husband, who is slightly senile but she thinks is still safe driving, was home. So it took me a few minutes to explain to him that he should come get Luke because the power was out and we didn't want him falling.

I got Luke's key and knocked and then immediately unlocked his door and called up and told him I'd called Jim and he'd be here soon. I came back in and unplugged the computer powersquid and the TV powersquid and then booted up the new little computer and started installing the stuff I'd downloaded the other night. Jim came during that and he didn't have a flashlight, so I went out and unlocked Luke's door and used my flashlight to show him the stairs.

I came back in and after the installing was done, I played some solitaire. I'm trying to learn to use the touchpad and click buttons with the same hand (and each hand), even though I plan to use the trackball with it here at the desk. And then I unplugged the thumbdrive with my ebooks on it from the big computer, plugged it in on the little one, moved the ebooks over, and read a couple of short stories. The power came back on, so I plugged the TV powersquid back in first because I can set times on all three pieces and then run the auto-channel set-ups for the two VCR/VCR&DVD from the desk. Then I plugged the thumbdrive back in the big computer and plugged in the computer powersquid, and continued online.

I've also played with the flashyball with the cats, but they're not very good at getting it back to me. They roll it and I'm supposed to go wherever it is and roll it back. I'm doing laundry, too.

Last night I finished the buttons on Sarah's sweater so it's done, just the doll sweater to go. I already told Kip I'd be late -- I have skin cracks on my fingers and I can't work as fast with those. I put the button back on my sweater and reinforced two more that looked a little light on thread and got to bed on time.
Tags: errands, household, power outage

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