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Daylight? What Daylight?

This is partly my fault. I finished the collar on the sweater during bookgroup, but didn't have time to put the buttons on, and I like to do them all at once, so when I finished online yesterday, I sat down to watch my taped Eli Stone and Sanctuary and put the buttons on. Partway through putting them on, I realized I'd miscalculated the spacing so I took the buttons off, pulled out the last three rows of the buttonhole band, and recalculated and put back in the three rows, properly. (Ha! I just took clothes out of the dryer and have a button to sew back on my own sweater tonight, too!)

During this time, the taped shows ran out, so I rewound them and stayed on the SciFi channel. The next movie started, Centipede!, which turned out to be so awful that I ended up bringing in Sunday's paper and going through it, making the grocery list, and having a sandwich while it was on. Cave explorers get killed, consecutively except for the last three who live, by giant centipedes. It was supposed to be one centipede, but the slashing marks made five minutes before didn't show on the next one, and so forth, so clearly there were several giant centipedes. It was done in 2004, but not only no CGI, the GPS tracker unit is about the size of two shoeboxes. The two girls in the group cave/rappel with tops that barely hide their breasts. Oh yeah, some idiot made this and I spent a lot of time laughing at it.

Because of this, I didn't get up until 4pm when it was already almost dark outside. So the shortest day astronomically turned out to be a very short day for me, too. I haven't done much yet other than bringing the birdfeeder in and running it through the dishwasher, and doing laundry.

Here's the bookgroup Christmas picture. As you can see, we time travel during our meetings. I'm the fifth from the right and it's one of those shiny buttons that I need to sew back on.
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