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Marilee J. Layman

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11:29 pm: Brother to Brother
This is an award-winning movie where a young gay black man meets an old gay black man and his stories of the Harlem Renaissance are acted out while he talks. The old gay black man is Richard Bruce Nugent, a real person who was willing to show he was gay publically back then. The movie moves between now and then and the young man learns that things are not very much different for gay black men now than they were then. While it was an interesting and moving movie, there wasn't much of a plot. I think this might have been better done as a biography of Nugent. It's not rated, but the most excitement is a young man's butt.

After the movie was over and I saw the main menu again, I clicked on More from Locke, becuase I couldn't remember anybody named Locke in the movie. Well, it turns out Locke puts out gay/lesbian movies. None of the others appeared to portray real important historic people, so I probably won't watch them.

I enjoyed watching it, but if you need a plot, don't watch this movie.

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