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Day Swap

I didn't get to bed much earlier last night so I got up at 2pm and also hurt a lot. I decided to make tomorrow the day to go out and today the day to stay in. I was very productive -- made two doctor's appointments, made an appointment to get the dryer vent cleared out, talked to folks at the credit union so they'll process the change in address that the WashPost gave me (they'll call back when it's done, so I can pay the bill), and pulled and photographed potential focals for the winner of my HelpVera custom necklace. I have laundry going at the moment.

And I cooked. Something fairly easy, but it did involve standing up and cutting.

I take an acorn squash and wash the outside, then stab it every inch or so around the equator.

Zap it for 5-8 minutes depending on the size, and while that's going on, slice mushrooms, make two sausage patties, and maybe grate cheese.

Be sure to take the squash out of the microwave with hot pads. Cut it stem to stern and you can very easily scoop out the strings and seeds.

Put each in a cereal/salad bowl (microwave safe) and put the mushrooms in the centers.

Then put a sausage patty on each and sort of seal the edges.

Zap for another 3-5 minutes and add grated cheese, if wanted.

This is different from the usual sugary acorn squash; I like it better.
Tags: food, household, pain, sleep

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