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Another Gray Day

Rain, but no ice here. I'd been up unil 6:30am to catch up with ML & LJ and had to get up at 10am to be dressed and so forth before Lucila came, so I slept from 11:30am to 4pm, just waking up long enough to pay her and lock back up. lizzibabe came to haul more books around and there's just eight left now, so I can do those myself. She brought me the .avi of The Mentalist from last week, since CBS isn't showing it online and I managed to misprogram the VCR and I just watched that while eating dinner.

I was up so late last night that I didn't try unpacking and plugging the Eee in, but I hope to have enough time for it tonight.

Spirit was braver today, she stayed out as long as lizzibabe was sitting down, but then hid at movement.
Tags: cats, computer, household, tv

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