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I Was Given an Asus Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

That's as close as I get to squeeing. The Making Light folks got this for me because they thought I've done a lot of good and while I'm not sure it's that much, I'm definitely taking the computer!

I had lunch in Silver Spring with Janet, Ginger, and albatross and we had a great time and then Ginger handed over the wrapped computer! It's just what I wanted (because I'd mentioned that when someone asked what an Eee was) and I will eventually swap it for my desktop by using a USB hub for the peripherals. Charlie thinks I should have a different Linux distro and thinks I can't put it on (which is possible, I've never used Linux) but there's a Linux Users Group near and I may just do that first. Then I'll have to start moving stuff over and once that's done, I can use the old computer to rip my CDs (that will take a while!) and possibly use the drive as a tertiary backup.

The drive up, walking, having fun, walking, and drive back wore me out so I slept six hours when I got home, which means I'm just going to do a few more things and then go to bed. I'll catch up on LJ and ML tomorrow.

I mentioned at lunch how squirrels were introduced into DC and here's the story.
Tags: computer, friends, squirrels
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