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Division of Fun

Last night the hopper part of the birdfeeder was empty, but there was very wet seed on the platform, so I scooped that out onto the porch and brought the birdfeeder in. I was already running dishes in the dishwasher so after that finished and I put them away, I ran the birdfeeder. I put it out today and we had an immediate descent of a couple dozen mourning doves, two squirrels, and some house sparrows. Shiva was entranced. He was sure he should get at least one of them, even though they were on the other side of the sliding glass doors. When they left, he juiced himself up on catnip by licking Mr. Gator where the catnip is, and then started dashing and rolling and jumping and otherwise being silly. Miss Girl was sitting on the heating pad looking woeful through all of this. ETA: As soon as I hit Post, Spirit tried to disembowel Mr. Gator.

I'm washing sheets today because I'm meeting friends in Silver Spring tomorrow for lunch. Washing sheets has to be done in increments and I'm not sure I'll have enough overall time tomorrow. I have to get up early tomorrow, too, at 10am, so I went to bed early last night and got up early today. I'm really fighting a nap, but I need to stay awake so I can sleep at 2am.
Tags: cats, household

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