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The Big Valley, more or less

I watched the first five discs of a ten-disc first season, and then the second season discs started coming. I checked my Netflix queue and the last discs of the first season are not available because Netflix isn't going to have them anymore. I'm not sure why they have the second season if they don't have the first.

The Big Valley is set in the San Joaquin Valley in California, just post-Civil War. It's a family of three boys and a girl, but the dead father's bastard son (a very young Lee Majors) joins in early. The matriarch is Barbara Stanwyck, and a very young Linda Evans plays the girl. The story is based on a real family that became the rich folk in the area, but continued to try to treat people fairly. Most of the episodes I saw had something to do with fairness and equality.

The makeup is way too obvious (particularly when they make Martin Landau into an Indian) although I got used to it as I watched. A lot of famous actors played guest parts in the shows. It's a good Western series with a point to make.
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