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Wet, Cold, Wet

I took trash and recycling out today in a cold rain. The weatherfolk have backed off from expecting lots of snow tonight and tomorrow and now say mixed snow & rain, but the cold rain was quite enough, thank you. I also went by the credit union's ATM and got next week's money (I don't expect to go out again until Monday) and dropped off a DVD at the post office.

The neurologist had a 4:30pm phone appointment with me today, but hasn't called and I expect won't. I'll leave a message for the neuro nurse again tomorrow, but now we're probably looking at next week. I'm really sleepy today and I ate, so maybe it was all the PT yesterday plus the big meal. I may need a nap.

ETA: The neurologist called at 6:30pm and said that since my phenobarb was three points above the minimum for "effective" that nothing was wrong. I may see about a second opinion. I know the last time this kind of thing happened, the ER doc thought a half-point lower was way too low.

Patrick wanted the errors, so I gave him the spelling ones. I hadn't marked where a few little words (at, to, in) were missing, so can't help with that. I'll have to start making notes.

Tomorrow, I have a long list of phone calls to make.
Tags: books, errands, health, weather

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