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Bad Timing

So while lizzibabe is here moving books back and forth so I can catalog them, the neuro nurse calls and says the doctor wants me to get a phenobarb level tomorrow and have a phone appointment with her on Thursday. Fine. I decide to go ahead and reschedule the PT appt, and they have one tomorrow at 4pm and I can get the lab done there, too. We finish for the day and I decide to mail a couple of DVDs and deposit a check, but while I'm in line for the drive-by box at the post office, the power steering goes out. I manage to get the DVDs in and to the shop without killing anybody. We just replaced the hose, so I don't know what the problem is. I had to drive back, since I can't get in the other side and then one of the guys took it back up (I kept the handicapped tag).

I really should have had the phenobarb level today (I thought the nurse could order it) and I don't want to knock the PT appt off again, so when I get back, I knocked on Luke's door (I didn't know if he was there -- they've been leaving lights on) and when he didn't answer, I came in and got my coat off, the check out of my pocket, and called Luke's daughter and talked to him. He always offers the use of his car and I think I should take it tomorrow rather than putting things off again. It's a low station wagon and it's hard for me to get in and out, so I think I'm putting recycling and trash off until Thursday.

Such timing
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