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The Last Colony by John Scalzi

I've already read and reviewed the two earlier books: Old Man's War and The Ghost Brigades.

This is a stronger book than the second one -- it brings back John Perry and Jane Sagan, as well as Zoe. John, Jane, and Zoe have been picked to start a new colony on a planet named Roanoke. Here's where I thought "who in their right mind would name a planet Roanoke?" and then realized the Colonial Union figured nobody knew the history. Well, the planet they saw is a fake and they end up on a strange planet with a lot of odd equipment, and they're not allowed to use tech. Good thing they've got Mennonites with them! The Colonial Union clearly plans for the colony to follow the name and they have to try to stay alive. It's a fascinating book with a lot of quick changes, danger, and unusual developments.

This book is more open than the first two, so there's more options of how the plot will go, and that definitely makes a better book. They put the wrong name for the river Albemarle and later in the book, there was a solider for soldier, but in general, it was proofed much better. This is highly recommended.
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