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A Strange Cat in the Bed

So I had a little neuro problems last night, called and left a message for the neuro nurse and suppose I'll hear tomorrow, since she didn't call today. I usually watch Cold Case and The Unit on Sundays, but it was a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie last night and I had handwork to do. A bit before 10pm, I started losing the world again and I held on tight and pulled it back eventually, but I was really tired, so I set the VCR to watch the rest of the movie and a large period of time during which the news should show up, and then napped in the recliner.

I woke up at 1:30am and felt pretty good and watched what was on the tape while getting a lot more handwork done and got to bed at 2:30am, on time. I read a bit later to finish The Last Colony so I turned the light out at 4:15. About 8am, I realized a cat had cuddled in with me, but I didn't know the cat. I thought it was cute and petted it anyway. A few minutes later, I realized it was one of my cats, but I couldn't remember the name. Another few minutes and I knew it was Shiva. So I used the Kaiser cancellation line to cancel my PT for today and turned the alarm off.

The UPS guy knocked hard and woke me up at 2pm and I called neuro at 2:30pm. After a while (filled the birdfeeder), when I didn't get a call back, I decided to get groceries, which worked okay. I hope this is just one of those intermittent things.

The WashPost has a column by three silly guys and in the one I read recently, there was a James Nicoll-type question:

Considering that no one would know from firsthand experience, why is the prevailing premise in most popular science fiction literature, cinema and television programs that aliens are evil and want to do harm to earthlings?


The answers are silly, of course.
Tags: health, sf

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