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The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi

This is the sequel to Old Man's War, which I reviewed here.

There's an exciting first chapter, then a lot of infodump. I think people must have bugged John to explain the technologies he used in the first book. Then things start getting exciting again.

A scientist who was thought to be dead has instead made a clone of himself, killed that, and gone traitor to an enemy race. His lab assistant finds that the scientist has left a copy of his consciousness and the military decide to try and put it into a clone. In the beginning, the clone, Jared Dirac, has no memory of the scientist. He's a scared empty brain. Scalzi writes:

It was as if corrective lenses had been placed on his consciousness. The world snapped into place. Everything remained unfamiliar, but everything also seemed to make sense. He knew that even though he couldn't identify or name anything he saw, it all had names and identities; some portion of his mind surged into life, itching to label it all but could not.
The entire universe was on the tip of his tongue.

so he's definitely talked to stroke patients/doctors. Mine was in file folders just out of my reach.

We see some sorties where Jared comes up with new ideas and then, back on the station, he has a break and starts remembering the scientist and his daughter. They are able to figure out where the scientist is and send in the platoon including Jared to get him back. Things don't turn out quite like they expected (true of war in general) but Jared has a little surprise.

I commented on the lack of proofreading in the middle of yesterday's post. This is not as strong a book as the first one, at least partly because of all the infodump. However, it's still a good read and I'll be reading the next ones.
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