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More Dumplings

The Giant had some of their own brand frozen dumplings/potstickers on sale 2/$6 on Monday, so I bought two. I had half of one package, a nice small meal, Tuesday night and really liked it, so I went off to buy more today, the last day of the sale. I dropped another DVD into the mail on the way. Linda Evans/Audra Barksley's makeup isn't bothering me so much now.

I'm waiting for the Peapod delivery (and actually, that sounds like a truck outside) and doing laundry. An exciting night.

There was a fire yesterday in a million-dollar Maryland home where a set of two-year-old triplets were rescued by firefighters (all in serious condition) and it turns out there was an electrical fault in a hot tub too close to the house. The bad part is that this probably didn't have to happen. 1. The father tried to combat the blaze with a garden hose, then tried to get up the stairs (and has mild burns), before he called 911. B. There were no working smoke detectors.

So folks, always call 911 first. They're the experts. And make sure your smoke (and carbon monoxide, if appropriate) detectors work!
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