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Stripes on the Sky

I was filling the birdfeeder today and I looked up into the very blue sky and saw four stripes moving across it. Okay, there was an airplane that wasn't as obvious and the stripes turned into regular contrails, but it was like watching four white fingers pulling across the sky. We're under one approach lane and one departure lane for Dulles and we can't hear the planes, but we see their exhaust.

Then I took the recycling out, mailed a letter, got gas, and went to Kaiser Fair Oaks and got my glasses adjusted. I stopped at Carrabas on the way home and had risotto de mare which was very good, and on my usual way home from the restaurant -- the old road that parallels current Rt. 28 -- it turned into stop and go. I've come home that way other times without any problems, and things were fine once we sort of side-stepped via another road to the next stretch of Old Centreville, so I don't know what was wrong. But the sun was setting as I yarded along and at one point, ahead of me, I could see a big satellite dish sticking up out of the trees aiming at the colored lights in the sky. As I got closer, I could tell it was attached to a townhouse.

Then I stopped at the library because I'm having some problems with Scalzi's The Ghost Brigades. Now, mine is SFBC, but they usually just take the publisher's files, resize, and publish. So far, there's been several times with "solider" instead of "soldier," several "at"s and "to"s missing, "balace" instead of "balance," and most annoying, in a section with a character who should be called the Hierarch, it's misspelled as often as it's spelled properly. Sometimes both spellings are in the same paragraph! Last night the close library branch had an MMPB and if the errors were in there, it would have been Tor. If they hadn't been in there, it might have been Tor and the MMPB was fixed, or it could have been SFBC. Unfortunately, it was checked out, but someone needed a proofreader. Also, I hit what was supposed to be two surprises last night, but I'd already figured them out. I thought they were obvious, but my friend the librarian was at the library and she hadn't noticed, so maybe not.

As I came out of the library, the sky was that deep blue before black and I could see Venus and Jupiter close again, but the moon was farther away and now in the man-in-the-moon fullness.

Then I deposited a check at the credit union, got the mail and came home. I'd been having more and more trouble walking during this time, even though I had all that sitting time between, and I'd started to hurt a lot. When I have trouble walking like that, other muscles start having to keep me from falling or running into walls, and then they object. In the mail was a pair of earrings from a friend who had picked them for her Etsy showcase (pick themed pieces from all Etsy) and I admired them. She'd bought and sent them! What a wonderful gift, particularly for today! And she'd also asked the artist to put sterling earwires on because I don't wear gold. Isn't that great?
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