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Spending Too Much

I just did the Peapod order that will cover the next eight weeks, and it's about $75 more than usual. But I've had to buy some heavy/bulky things in between because I run out, so I ordered more this time. I also ordered some fresh pasta and dumplings that are the same price as the frozen meals, but will make two meals instead of one. So, technically, I'm saving money. Hmmm.

I'm washing sheets, as usual on Sunday. The cats are unhappily reduced to sleeping in the recliner because there's nothing on the bed, just mattress. I'll get the clean sheets on after the mattress pad comes out of the dryer.

Mumbai becomes more curious as time goes by: fewer people and they thought they would be able to get out. Charlie throws out the possibility that it was a distraction for a big-deal murder in his Diary.

I'm still catching up on WashPosts -- this may take me forever -- but last night I read an interesting article by their Human Behavior columnist*. A study shows that people who startle easily have a predisposition to conservative political views. When you think about it, a lot of conservatives are always reacting instead of acting.

*They've not only moved his column from A2 every Monday to the Science page every other Wednesday, they've killed that day's Science page. So now there's alternating Human Behaviour and Science on the Science page. So much for science.
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