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The Devil's Eye by Jack McDevitt

This is the latest in the Alex and Chase books. They're out in a jump when Vicki Greene, a paranormal author, tries to talk to them, but since you can't be reached in a jump, she leaves them a message. The message is very cryptic, but she has transferred a lot of money to them, so they start investigating. During the time they were in the jump, she had a mindwipe, so is now an entirely new person and they can't ask her what she meant. They find out where she was last and try to follow her steps. Clues finally lead them to a world-ending future, which it turns out some folks on that world knew and didn't tell about. Alex and Chase are in a lot of danger and have some damage during this part. They eventually get to tell that world what's coming, but do the other humans come to help evacuate? No, they won't give up the uneasy push-and-pull with the Ashaiyyur, a mantis-like telepathic intelligent being. Will the Ashaiyyur help?

I love these books, although I know some people think there hasn't been enough change between now and then. I highly recommend this one.
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