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Two Days

I had a good turkey dinner and conversation with friends yesterday, but I'd read too late in the morning and had to get up earlier than usual so I had enough time when I got home to read email and non-LJ non-ML things and then I had to nap. I slept six hours until 2am and hadn't had the rehydration fluid yet, so I read a couple of newspapers (Spirit kept trying to sit closer to me than the paper) while drinking and then went to bed. I read the McDevitt a bit more and turned the light out at 6am. The alarm was set for 2pm, but I didn't get up until 3pm.

I went out to get the mail today, taking a deposit slip with me, and indeed, my check was there. So I went and deposited it in the credit union, taking money out for next week. Then home and paying bills immediately. A spring has sprung in the keeping-the-seat-on-the-chair part of my desk chair and Office Depot not only no longer carries this, they've given the SKU to something made of wood. I'm going to try to find the manufacturer. I see where the spring goes and I can put it on, I just need the spring.
Tags: cats, errands, food, sleep

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