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It's happening less often and it's probably because I carried so many things today.

I took the trash and recycling out and since the mailguy had been at the clusterboxes before ours when I did that, I came back to pick up mail in case my check was there (no). The mailguy was in the 40F weather in shirt sleeves! He said you get used to it. I got junk mail plus three packages, one was about a ream's worth of Kaiser papers.

Then I went to Petsmart and got more dry cat food and snackies. I had lunch at Olive Garden -- the soup, salad, breadstick lunch thing with a bowl of the chicken gnocchi and a bowl of pasta e faglioi -- and then headed to the Giant. I'm having Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow with the leader of our bookgroup and her family (whom I already know because they all come to the bookgroup, too, although the baby doesn't comment), and she invited lizzibabe, too. Everybody else can cook, so I looked at her menu and tried to think of something I could bring, and suggested veggies and dip for hors d'oeuvres, and she agreed. So I picked up a veggie platter, extra dip, and some pita chips for tomorrow.

When I got home, I washed the plastic container the dry cat food goes in, dried it, and put the new food in (the cats were ecstatic). Then I sat down to start online and got shooting tingles from my wrist to my right ring finger. It's not happening nearly as often, so it's probably not a big deal and will go away overnight.
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