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No Daylight

For me, at least. I stayed up reading two newspapers after the movie, so I got up late. We're retreating from the sun and the day is short enough that I had the shades open for about an hour, with no real daylight.

As for Lost City Raiders, yes, it was very silly. John Brolin narrated the beginning showing all sorts of cities underwater with just a landmark still up -- the Eiffel Tower, Lady Liberty, etc., although the giant Christ statue in Rio still had dry feet -- and then we see Brolin and his two sons scavenging for a document underwater in LA (establish the diver son takes risks and the engineer son doesn't). Well, they then take the document to the New Vatican (Coliseum mostly submerged). It turns out that Ramses II had a sceptre that had belonged to an Egyptian god and Moses stole it, which is how he opened the river. There were more steps to find the sceptre (Brolin dies valiantly), an evil man to thwart who wanted it for the power, and finally, in an underground cave, there's a very modern control room with diagrams, moving doors, etc. The nether end of the sceptre is a key and putting it into the control and turning it makes the plates shift so the extra water goes back underground. At this point, a traitor priest tries to take the sceptre and destroy it because the Rising is a sign of the Second Coming. The risky son manages to kill the priest and turn the sceptre and voila! The water starts pouring back into the earth. Oh, and there were two young women (one for each son) who only exhibited boobs at the beginning of the movie.

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