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Frost Heave

The mulch looks like it was thrust up in sections from below because it was below freezing last night. This is a bit early for us, but apparently it's lasting through the end of the month. lizzibabe was over last night to haul more books out to the computer so I could catalog them and then she took them back. She turned out to be woefully deficient in fannish gossip so I had to give her some good bits. She moved a lot of Cherryh, including Downbelow Station and today, Amazon emailed me an ad for Downbelow Station's 20th anniversary paperback edition. I think I'll keep the SFBC hardcover.

I finished online early enough last night that I decided to stay up late to watch a long movie (this is what has had me not watching DVDs) which meant I got up late. I went to get next week's money, put the DVD in the drive-by post office box (they'll pick up at 7am Monday from that box), and get the mail (which was bills and catalog).

Tonight I'm going to watch :::gasp::: a SciFi Original Movie. It just sounds too funny. The Lost City Raiders is apparently set about 40 years in the future when global warming is about to kill the people, but lo! there is a submerged machine that may save them! I'll report back tomorrow.
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