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Outside, and even though the thermostat shows 70F, it's pretty cold in here, too! I think having the thermostat in a protected hallway next to the air handler (and clothes dryer) is probably not a good idea. I put on shoes and my coat and gloves to go get the mail and the coat is enough too-big that I'm going to have to wear a sweater under on really cold days, and a scarf. Other than that, all I've done today is pet kitties and do exercises. I'm not as stable doing heel-toe here as I was there, I'm bouncing off the hallway walls, so I'm wondering if I should try it in the bit between the living and dining rooms where there is no wall. Maybe I'm bouncing because I can. Then again, maybe I'd fall down.

The news is saying the Obama girls are going to go to Sidwell Friends. Most presidential kids go there or Georgetown Day. And after collapsing during a speech last night, AG Mukasey is apparently okay.
Tags: health, politics, weather

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