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A Little Sore

Okay, side-stepping on a treadmill left me a little sore. But I don't do that again until the 8th. The other exercises are going well.

I took a couple of packages to the post office, where the handicapped spots face the window and I noticed my right headlight was out. After finishing with the mailing, I headed to the shop where the guys said it would just take 15 minutes to replace the lamp (last one they had in stock of that number!) so we just talked and I petted the shop dog, Zoe, until it was done.

The city has put solar-powered speed signs on a section of a very old street that's one of the main streets in the city and I noticed today that we haven't had enough sun recently because it didn't blink 27 27 27 27 at me.

The cats are routinely sleeping on the bed once I put the shades down, so it's clearly winter in their opinion. We're to have flurries again tomorrow.
Tags: cats, errands, health

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