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Temperature Drops

It was 72F yesterday afternoon and, according to the weatherguy, today's high of 50F was at midnight. I went out to fill the feeder and when I came back in, Shiva wouldn't move from the screen door until I stamped at him. I explained that he could see the birdies just as well from inside glass, and indeed, as soon as I got in and closed the sliding glass door, he was back and so were the birdies. I'm washing sheets and got a picture of the necklace I finished at bookgroup for the loan guy's fiancee.

I didn't get to sleep as early as I had expected because I kept having to rest in the recliner or on the bed between doing things. I turned the light out at 3am and set the alarm for 11am, but soon one leg and then the other cramped. I took another quarter of the flexeril for the first and the other half for the second. When I reached to turn the alarm off, my left leg cramped again, but I was able to stretch it in the bed and go back to sleep until 2pm. I'm still a little sleepy and I know it's all that flexeril, but I'm going to try to get through it.
Tags: cats, health, jewelry, weather

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