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Asimov's January 2009

This is the second of the new book size and it also has a very short story, from Niven. There is a poem, although other than the setting out in short lines, it could be flash fiction.

The two that I really liked were:

The Lion Walk by Mary Rosenblum -- how do people keep getting into and killed in a new animal reserve in the middle of the future US?

Unintended Behaviour by Nancy Kress -- when your husband has made you just another part of his overly-technological future, what do you do?

There was one I didn't like: Messiah Excelsa by E. Salih. A time traveler tries to get a particular Stradivarius, and a good story of that could have been had in four pages. You know how one of the ways I can tell my brain is having a little lightning strike is that I can't read or can't understand words together? I turned the page to read this and thought "Oh no." Then I turned back and that was fine. I turned forward in the magazine, and that was fine. So I turned back again and realized that it was all the extra overdone words. I skimmed the story.
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