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In the Garden Of Iden by Kage Baker

I suggested Baker for the bookgroup, but we've acquired a rule that we have to read the first one of a series, so maybe I shouldn't have. Everybody but me hated it, and I like it more at least partly because I've read the others.

The Company books are about Dr. Zeus, a company of immortals who can send people back in time to rescue small children and things that are about to disappear in history. Mendoza, a young child who didn't know her own name, ends up with the Spanish Inquisition (yes, yes) and is harvested by Joseph, who has been a cyborg much longer. We skim through most of her cyborg training and botanist education and find that she's being sent to Queen Mary's England, to a country house with plants that can be saved for the future. Unfortunately, this part is amazingly boring. It turns into a bad Marythan romance, with religious overtones. I think the next book, Sky Coyote is better, but my favorite is Mendoza in Hollywood.

If you like mixing cyborgs and historical romances, this is for you.
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