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To bed, to bed....

Okay, important stuff at the top:

This is the cheetah-themed necklace that I made where the money will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

This is something Smokey used to do -- he was fascinated by the printer -- paper goes in one end and comes out the other smelling differently.

I did a bit of semi-cooking yesterday and I don't know if that contributed, but I came very close to fainting last night. I was in the hallway, things started to go away, I had the wrapped-in-wool feeling, but I learned on the wall and pulled bits back in and eventually got to where I could walk, holding on to the wall. I went to bed and when Spirit woke me up 90 minutes later, I felt much better.

Today was bookgroup, where I need to be brighter and more intelligent than usual, and that takes a lot of effort. I didn't know we'd be waiting so long for dinner after (Logan's Roadhouse, for those that have one near), or I might have skipped that. I'm barely moving at the moment and having trouble keeping my eyes open so I think other than the next two reviews and a couple of blog checks, I'm just going to bed really early. With any luck, I'll be up early tomorrow.
Tags: bookgroup, cats, health, jewelry

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