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Marilee J. Layman

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07:37 pm: Rain and Soup
I took the trash and recycling out today and then went to Panera for chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bowl and some iced tea. As I stopped to get the mail (new McDevitt!) I saw the Fedex Ground guy delivering my new 50-pound box of sunflower chips. I scooted it in and decided that as long as I still had my coat on (not heavy rain, but enough to make the temp feel colder), I should fill the seed container. Which meant pouring what was left into the scoop and into the birdfeeder first. I managed to get it all done, didn't hurt myself with the scissors, and back in and then Shiva wanted to watch the outdoors. So even though it was dark outside, I kept the shades up for another hour. Now I have a deconstructed cardboard box to put in the van tomorrow when I get mail and to drop off at the Public Works cardboard dumpster on Saturday because it's about two blocks off my route to the library.

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