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I was very sneaky today. Contractors are reroofing our building and all contractors are supposed to provide their own electricity (and they had used a generator for the building across the street). When I got up this morning, the pretend-wicker table on my porch was out of place so I looked closer. The contractors had connected to my porch outlet. I figured they knew they weren't supposed to do that, so if I just went out and unplugged it, they'd probably plug it back in as soon as I left. That outlet is on the bathroom GFI circuit, so I went and pushed the Test button, which makes the entire circuit dead. Ha.

I had the echocardiogram today and it looked fine to me. I then stopped by Chili's for my annual Memorial for my mother. She would have been 71 today and her guilty pleasures were coffee and chocolate, so I always have those on her birthday even though I hate coffee and am not that fond of chocolate. Fortunately, Chili's had a special with a salad, half-rack of baby back ribs (I got Carolina style), and a dessert, so I didn't have to pay as much as usual.

Manassas is putting together a million-dollar legal fund to fight the discrimination-related law suits. One of the councilmen said it was a question of "defending the council's legislative prerogative." Yeah, right. Like the council gets to do illegal things.
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