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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

This is YA, illustrated by Dave McKean, whose style I don't like and whose illos were inaccurate. But beyond that, I enjoyed the book.

A family is killed -- mother, father, daughter, but wait! where'd the baby toddle to? He made it to a graveyard where the ghosts took him in and gave him the freedom of the graveyard. That meant he was safe from the killer as long as he stayed in the graveyard. There are eight chapters and he ages about two years between each (people keep comparing it to the Jungle Boy, which I haven't read) and as he ages, he faces more problems and sometimes solves them himself and sometimes gets helped by others. The ghosts teach him to Fade and Dreamwalk and other ghostly tasks and he learns from educated ghosts. Real people start intervening, though, and he does leave the graveyard a number of times, including to dance the Danse Macabre. The time comes that he faces the killer, out of the graveyard, and his ghostly friends help as they can.

This is a book about a boy in a strange environment nevertheless growing up and meeting the challenges of growing up, and it's done without smacking a moral on the end of each chapter. I recommend it.
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