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The Home of the Sleepy

I slept until 3pm instead of 1pm. I remember thinking I just needed a bit more sleep and turning the alarm off, but it was more than a bit. I was having a dream about me being young and in a city center and being offered the job of running the computer system and being the accountant for a girls' boarding academy (giant old brick & stone mansion). The money was okay, but I'd have to live far out, and I realized that there was another floor than what the owner had shown me. She said they'd never found a way to get up there so I started looking and found a hidden door. It went up to a penthouse with a little deck on the roof. I told her I'd take the job if in addition to my salary & benefits, I could have the penthouse rent-free. She agreed. A lot of the dream was about meeting the girls and helping the girls who were on sponsorship feel comfortable with the girls whose folks paid. And then at the end, I couldn't find Giorgio. Shiva and Spirit were both up in the penthouse, but I was searching the entire mansion for Giorgio. Found some other interesting things, but no Giorgio. When I woke up, I wanted to look for him, but I remembered quickly that he was dead.

Then I went to the credit union and got money for next week plus deposited a check, and went to the post office to mail a package, and then picked up chicken and onion rings from Popeyes. mmmmm

As I was getting out of the car, a neighbor couple who are also interested in the condos were walking by and we talked. I told him about how low the condo appraised and he was shocked, but he did point out that a new condo building a few blocks away is supposed to be 50% sold out, and they're mostly 2 bed/2 bath for $220K. When they finish the building and folks settle, there will be better comps around. In the meantime, I may look to the government HOPE program which is supposed to help people with problem mortgages, including upside-down ones like mine.
Tags: condo, dream, errands

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