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A Clean House

So last night I was in bed, changing from my progressives to the reading glasses, when I heard Shiva vomiting out here. I swapped glasses back and headed out, trying to find out where it was. Then I see it: he's thrown up directly on the modem. The modem was on and was still going, so I pulled the plug to the powersquid (turned off all computer things) and unplugged the modem. I cleaned the floor, cleaned the modem, and cleaned the connections of the cables. I went back to bed and when I booted up the computer today, I reconnected the modem, and so far, no smoke.

Lucila is almost done cleaning the house and she cleaned the floor under the modem again, so I think this part is clean now.

DC's Children's Hospital has a brain-dead teen who is an Orthodox Jew. He had a brain tumor and the parents knew the brain would eventually be dead. He's being kept alive by machines, and the parents have gone to court because their religion doesn't recognize brain death, just breathing/heart death, and that hasn't happened yet. It won't, as long as he's on the machines. I feel so sorry for them -- wanting to keep his body alive -- but at the same time, it'll be best if they deal with his death and let the machines be disconnected.
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