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Excess Chairs & Weird LJ Thing

Three months ago, I ordered a microwave and white pretend-wicker chair & table from Home Depot Online. The microwave came fine. However, when the pretend-wicker came, it was two identical brown chairs in a completely different style. I've been talking to HD just about every week about taking the damn things back. I have a tiny condo and the only place to keep them is the foyer, and everybody has to edge by them to get in and out of the house. Now, they did later deliver the white stuff, which is very nice and on my porch (replaced a very old resin chair). They kept telling me they would restart the return every other week, but nothing would happen. A couple weeks ago, they refunded what I paid and again said they would start the return process. When my brother was here, he said they probably don't want them back because shipping would cost more than the value of the chairs. So when I called today, I just asked if that was true. The clerk said "Well, yes, we've refunded your money so you can just throw them out or something." I'm not going to throw them out; I'll get them to a charity shop. Not in the van, though, they're way too big for that.

I'm having other weird LJ things, like it always insisting that I have the wrong year and sometimes that I haven't clicked Post when clicking Post was what gave me the error page, but I noticed today that in the subject field here on the My LJ page are titles I've used on a Delphi forum as well as the titles I've used here. This is very weird.
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