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o/~ Four Squirrels A'Chasing! o/~

It is truly hilarious to open the shades in the morning and find four squirrels on the porch, with at least two chasing at any time. Then there are the times all four are dashing around! I saw a fifth across the street and thought it might come over, but instead it climbed the porch railing over there and looked for seed in the DirecTV dish.

I saw the mailman at the clusterbox before ours, so I waited until he went on to ours in case my check was in there, and it was. That was making me a little tight for getting to my doctor's appointment on time, though, so I dropped mail in the drive-by box at the post office and headed on to Kaiser. My brother called while I was fishing out my Kaiser card and $10 copay to verify that they're coming up on Sunday at noon. I hope they remember to change their clocks. My doctor said the ear is fine, so I got my flu shot and he also put his standing lab orders back in.

I pulled out of the handicapped spot, because there's only four, and into another spot and filled out the deposit slip which I had taken with me, just in case, and then headed to get gas ($2.55/gallon), which was on the way to the credit union. I deposited and then went a few blocks along and put Larklight into the outside bookdrop. I then came right past the entrance to my development and got groceries. I bought more candy than I expect I need, but I can just give them each two. I made sure I got candy I liked in case I don't give it all out.

I came home and unpacked groceries and then got online only to find email that said The Graveyard Book was waiting for me at the library. Now if I'd known that when I was there earlier today, that would have been convenient. But I'll just get it Wednesday.
Tags: errands, squirrels

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