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Larklight by Philip Reeve

This is a juvie steampunk with really great illos. It turned out to be a bit slow for me so I turned the second book, Starcross, back into the library yesterday and finished this one last night. There's a lot of amusing literary/cultural references in it and I enjoyed that.

The world is stuck in Victorian times with Larklight, a house, in orbit just beyond the moon and pirate ships that flap wings to get through the aether. The language is very accurate. There's danger and bravery all over, including the mushroom men on Mars (where the naked Martian warriors ride sand worms), and the Potter Moth on the moon (puts people in ceramic-like jars that it excretes along with a larva). I just like more action than this had. It's probably great for pre-teens and people who are willing to have the story go slower.
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