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Hands A'Crackin'

Yep, I've started putting heavy-duty moisturizer on every time I wash my hands. I'll spend an hour a day doing this until we're well into spring.

I hurt a lot last night and started getting so sleepy about 10:30pm that I thought I might nod off at the computer. I had a batch of clothes I wanted to get out of the dryer so I could put the last batch in, though, so I pushed and hung on until 12:30am. At this point, I still wanted to watch the tape I'd made last night and to have something light to eat, so I napped in the recliner until 4:30am. I saw another giant cricket and escorted it outside, bringing in Sunday's paper, and went through the front pages of that, the ads, and making the grocery list while I watched the tape. NBC was rude and replaced the repeat of Tuesday's L&O:SVU with SNL political bits, so I just watched the 11pm news at the end and then two of the best eps of Roseanne on Nick at Nite. If I'm not done online at 10pm this Tuesday, I'll have to take a break and watch something (I only have two recording devices).

I went to bed at 6:30am and turned the light off at 7:30am. I'd set the alarm for 1pm, but woke up right before it went off and clearly needed more sleep. I actually got up about 5pm, but it might have been earlier if Spirit hadn't spent so much time waking me up by yelling.

I watched my tape of Meet the Press, where McCain was massively defensive about everything, and put water in the mums and seed in the feeder. Shiva was very interested in smelling the outdoors, so I had the windows open for a bit and then told him I was sorry and closed them.

I just made one of the Bertolli dinners and found my right thumb has so much arthritis pain now that I couldn't lift the two-pound package with it. I had to get that side with my palm and other fingers. The arthritis & gout pain won't feel as bad as I get used to the pain and start using the alternate ways of doing things to start with, but this part of the year is always awful.
Tags: health, sleep

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