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The Appraiser Was Here

He noted the upgrades I've made -- laminate floor, tiled shower -- and the newly replaced appliances: heat pump/air handler, water heater, washer/dryer. He measured and took pictures and was impressed by the new ramp. He said I must have really good negotiating skills to get it (multi-unit housing, even when individually owned, only has to allow temporary ramps and such) and I explained what happened and that I had the only accessible condo in the development. So I hope that goes well.

I received a donation for Soren that was a Canadian check and it would have cost more to deposit than the value of the check, so I asked a favor of a Canadian who I know has a PayPal account, and sent the check back today, giving the friend's name and address for a new check. I had to go to the post office to get a stamp to Canada (.72). I had planned to come right home, but the thought of a baked potato kept pushing into my mind, so I went to Ruby Tuesday's and had a baked potato and the spinach and artichoke dip (I kept trying to say architoke) with iced tea. More fat than the soup I usually get, but it tasted good.

The folks who had the giant Obama sign torn down had a new one up, and there was another new one on a main road. Still the anti-abortion protesters, using little kids to hold signs, a bit further up, though. And then on my way to Ruby Tuesday's, I passed a place that had had another giant Obama sign and now had a sign that said "Real patriots don't steal signs." I saw lots more Obama/Warner signs than I've ever seen Democratic signs before. Manassas has never voted Democratic, even when the county around us has, but maybe this year we will!

I've seen a poorly-designed anti-Obama ad on TV recently. It's set in what's supposed to be the Oval Office and as the camera moves in to the chair, they talk about how inexperienced Obama is and how we have this crisis and that if he wins, this will be the first crisis he'd have in the chair. Yeah, well, it would be the first crisis McCain had in the chair, too. Really stupid ad. Not to mention that the presidents get their choice of fancy desks and chairs. There's a lot of White House furniture in storage (they call it a collection) and the president can choose a desk and chair that suits him. Or one where he can say "I'm so honored to use [President]'s desk." I wonder what the first female president would chooose.
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