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Sleep Breaks Again Today

I was up early because Lucila was coming to clean, and then I went to sleep in the recliner while she was here. My phone rang once -- it was one of the small mortgage lenders letting me know she had the same rates QuickenLoans had yesterday and I explained to her that I'd already taken their offer. Then Lucila's phone rang twice; it's very loud and she doesn't keep it with her, so those woke me up, too. After she left, I set the phone for another hour and got more sleep.

Then when I was putting on shoes and jewelry and such, I found out she had rearranged the fridge again (I had to pull a chair in and use the reacher to put stuff back where I can get it) and had rearranged the newspapers. The dates are all mixed up. I'll have to talk to her again about the fridge (she does it when she cleans the fridge, which is more than I pay her for, and I've told her before not to bother cleaning it, and then not to move stuff) and put the newspapers back in order while I watch TV later. I've started reading just the columns I like and the comics, which turns out to cut reading time in half, but it will still take me some time to get through all of these.

I headed out to the credit union because I just initiated moving the money for Soren from my PayPal account to my checking account (and then to my savings account, so it will get a little interest before Velma needs it) and they'll have to report it to the IRS. I figured explaining what the money was and where it came from would make that easier. The officer I talked to turned out to be a fan and is probably coming to bookgroup on Saturday because she's already read Old Man's War.

Then on to groceries, where I was able to stop the bagger from putting six cans of soup in one bag while I was having a very polite discussion about groceries with the woman behind me. She said she was going to try Wegman's, which is further away and more expensive and I said Giant and Safeway were the only union grocery stores in our area and I liked Giant better than Safeway. She said she preferred to buy from American stores and Giant was Belgish (really, she said that) and I told her Royal Ahold is from the Netherlands. That's when she stopped arguing, which was probably good, because the stuff in the stores pretty much all comes from the same companies and those aren't all from the US.

I had the windows open a bit for Shiva, but they're shut now. I need to draw the shades, too, and take my shoes and jewelry off.
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