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Not the Day I Planned

I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment today, but a LendingTree ad over a forum led me to see what would pop up last night and I had phone calls this morning. Then Luke had his cleaning lady over and I'd forgotten how loud they are in his bedroom. They finished at 11:30 and I was clearly not going to get enough sleep to be able to drive and be there on time. So I remade the appt for next Monday -- if the ear infection is gone, at least I can get my flu shot.

Two of the lenders were very small, companies I'd never heard of, in tiny towns, and they said they couldn't make anything better than what I had. But the Quick Loans agent, Rick Diaz, came up with two plans, both of which would save me about $300/month. I'd have to use it to pay back closing costs over the next nine-ten months, but then I have more money. The first plan comes into play if the appraisal comes in high enough -- we pay off the giant vet credit card bill and that interest becomes mortgage interest which is deductible. If the appraisal is too low, we don't pay off the credit card, but I still get the same amount of more money. I just can't deduct that interest on the credit card. I'm not sure it matters, since I had negative tax last year.

I scanned documents for him and sent them in email and we went over documents and I applied for the loan online. Now we wait for the appraiser. I doubt it will be as high as he thinks, but if it's not, we just take the second plan.

Now I'm washing cat blankies. And my friend Doris got the necklace I sent her and she took a much better picture than I did.
Tags: cats, jewelry, money

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