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Mum Move

The mum is shedding petals and still the brown things (seeds?) so I moved it to the little table on the porch. I won't water it as much out there, though.

The pants that came yesterday fit quite well, other than being a little long. I can hem these and I'll ask them to make the next pair a bit shorter. The test underwear came, too, and the underpants are fine, and the band on the bra is right, but I'm going to need bigger cups. I'm surprised I was so close. I sent Decent Exposures email about the bra (I have a 40M on and it looks like the new one will be a 36J or K) and asked if they would make pants if I sent fabric. This purple goes with a lot of my tops, but I need a dusty purple and they don't have that color. They do have the red I need. I have to wait until November's money comes in to order, anyway.

Last night I was thinking about what I should eat and realized these sandwich thins things (like buns, but very thin, with piercings so they won't inflate -- they were on sale from Peapod and I wondered what they were like) were going to grow stuff soon, so I got one out and started slicing some colby and then realized I'd like a grilled cheese sandwich. It's been so long since I had one that the last was made with margarine and I debated briefly between butter and oil, and settled for butter. The sandwich was very good, and there was browned butter left in the pan, so I took the last thin and used it to wipe up the browned butter. mmmmmmm

I'm about to shut the kitchen window. I like letting Shiva smell the outdoors, but when I get to shivering, it's time to shut windows and turn the heat back on.
Tags: clothes, flowers, food, weather

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