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Busy Phone

Three calls while I was still asleep -- one from a woman who has called before for Gordon and I repeated the number back to her and it was what she had; one from my primary who ordered more amoxicillin (I'll get it tomorrow; I have enough for today) and an appointment on Monday, and one from some car warranty scam. The van is 22 years old, it hasn't had warranties for more than a decade.

I finished a piece of beadwork last night and took its picture, have been marinating the pork tenderloin, and doing laundry. I'm about ready to roast the tenderloin and pack the beadwork and something to go to someone else. Well, after Ugly Betty.

I have to remember to finish eating before midnight -- along with other errands tomorrow, I'm getting my standing labs.
Tags: health, housework, phone

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