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Errands, Ear, and Signs

I took the trash and recycling out, deposited checks for Soren (and some anonymous cash from a DC postmark), mailed back a pair of pants,* and had fried lunch. I went to Captain D's and had two pieces of fried fish, french fries, fried okra, and two fried hushpuppies. Plus iced tea, of course.

When I got home I sorted through the donations that had come in the mail and online and then called Kaiser Advice. She said she'd send a message over to the doctors and see if they wanted to change meds or have me come in. She said they'd answer one of us, but I haven't heard anything.

I posted about a couple of large handmade Obama signs recently and on my way back home today, I saw where one had been torn down and the wood support read "Real Americans Don't Steal Signs." Now, to be fair, up in Howard County, Maryland, a man kept having his McCain sign pulled up every night. So he waited and then followed them home. Two "young women" (one young enough her dad brought her back to apologize) may get up to 15 months for vandalism. Things are way too rude when signs get pulled up/torn down.

*I'm trying some other companies that offer pants in colors with pockets. This pair fit okay, but when I put my hands in the so-called pockets, only my fingers got in. Not my thumbs or palms. So they went back today with a three-line explanation of why they were unacceptable.
Tags: errands, health, politics

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